Sisterhood Mala

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The pendant on this piece is called "Sisterhood". This means so many different things an incredible one is the amazing connection we have with other woman by birth or choice, there is nothing like it. We fail sometimes to stay connected with our own self.

There are 3 kinds of pink stones; faceted pink onyx, faceted jasper and clear pick sapphires. The only can help us center ourselves, stay aligned as a total person to our higher powers. Jasper was worn by shaman for protection at the same time making deep connections with others. Sapphire "star" brings lightness and joy, with depth of beauty and thought to the user/wearer.

Paired with Studio BB's sweet turquoise heart, turquoise is protection for our heart, makes me think that if you put this on with the that I am protected by the divine to connect deeply and meaningfully with others as will as myself knowing I am safe to do so