Reconcili-ACTION Passion Project

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With love and grace in our hearts we are proud to share this passion project with you.

Like all of you, we are outraged and heartbroken by the findings and recent media coverage of the treatment of Indigenous people and more specifically the residential schools across Canada. We know that awareness inspires action…. It inspires compassion and understanding. We know there is work to do to reconcile the past, and we would like to be a small part of the solution.

 We have created this Carnelian gemstone bracelet in hopes to bring awareness and contribute to change and reconciliation. Carnelian is known for being a stone of love, courage, leadership, and motivation. It's healing properties can help in releasing negative emotions while providing a positive outlook on life.

Half of the profits from these bracelets will be donated directly to the Downie Wenjack Fund. This incredible non-profit aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. They provide access to education on the true history of Indigenous peoples. The funds will aid in the collective reconciliation journey through awareness, education, and ACTION.

To learn more about this amazing non-profit please visit their website

 As always, Thank you for all your support!

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Jade and Angie

Reconcili-ACTION Passion Project
Reconcili-ACTION Passion Project
Reconcili-ACTION Passion Project