New Beginnings Mala

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I have been asked a couple times recently why I leave the silk ends raw? it's a reminder that all ENDS have a Beginning. I know I need that reminder everyday. It helps us move through change without all the suffering.

The swirls in this heart made me think of starting a journey and it's path. I paired it with dragon's blood gemstones, wonderstone, and red jasper. This is beyond a great aid to balance all aspects of our bodies. Jasper can aid us in moving through tough changes, by allowing us to recognize that worry and resistance is what causes the pain. This is a process... As we intentionally let that go, the jasper can aid you with insight into the most beneficial ways to move through... NOT avoid that process.

Adding Buddha beads and wood beads with gold leaf to the mix...reminding you that the knowing is in you.

You may want to wear this mala as you are in a quiet moment. A reminder you that you are a powerful remarkable being, with all the knowledge in you. Or as you go out into the world, as a reminder amongst the chaos and energies, that you have peace inside and the ability to move with grace through all that comes towards you.