Mala of Love

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When Jade creates a heart with her orange flowers, I always think of carnelian which speaks right to our heart. Carnelian is all love, I see carnelian and think love. Paired with, what is called sunset sodalite, a stone of knowing. It can help you know love, know the good when you feel, see, and hear it.

The knowing is in us but can be so buried under worry and overload. We overload ourselves with information, activities, etc. So I also added faceted sunstone, bringing golden healing light into our chakras.

If you want to wear this with intention, you may think...

I am wearing my heart today that was made with love for me, and I know love. My life is full of love in every area, interaction and even the water I drink. You may take a quiet moment with this mala, and in the silence... know the truth that's in you