Lucky Elephant Mala

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The white accents reminded me of a painted elephant I saw a picture of once.  So I paired it with an sterling silver elephant charm (trunk up for luck) and Howlite which is the white/gray stone.

In many cultures the elephant represents the great mover of obstacles.  That sounds assertive but when I picture that helpful elephant helping me break through my personal roadblocks I think of the gentle grace of the beautiful creature.  Reminding me that moving forward doesn't have to be fast and destructive but it can be slow as will as accurate, thoughtful long-lasting.

We have all this power in us and we can get through the hardest things in life as well as overcoming the negative thought processes that hold us back. Howlite supports this in us, this mineral is which tends to combine the power of reason and calm to feel tough feelings to help us shift if that is our intention.
The dark wood is one of my favorites, it's called tiger eye wood and it not only grounds us but does it in joy.  I see this combination that starts with a beautiful heart grounding us so we can make those shifts while basking in all the joys around us.