Growth Mala

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When a spiritual sign appears in your life that is green, it usually represents that you are in a period of growth, starting a new chapter, or that this is a season to explore a new layer of yourself and plant seeds that will foster success and growth in your future.

I added green wood to ground you. The malachite stones (the dark brighter green) to assist in easily letting go of the old... In this mala there is lots of peridot gemstones. Peridot is powerful when we are making changes. It helps makes patterns that have us stuck, more clear. And with ease, we let them go. It can also assist us in loving communication with others but most importantly with ourselves. When we are kind to ourselves, we are able to observe these parts of us that can be adjusted for our highest good, leaving the judgment behind.

Lastly, I was inspired to add pearls. They are the stone of sincerity which is so valuable as she can bring truth and wisdom.

As you put this on, think about little or big growth is growth and like a lotus. A lotus that reaches up out of the dark water/mud to feel the warm healing sun on my face.