Crescent Moon Mala

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The waves in this beautiful heart seem to swirl the pink sweet love light in us and shines brighter in contrast to the dark waves. Think of the mala as the whole of yourself. The sun and moon, dark and light. We need both of those energies to keep us balanced.
This mala includes faceted sunstone, carnelian and rhodochrosite as well as rose quartz. Shiny metals and wood to keep us grounded.

I read once about rhodochrosite that it can help turn that special love we have for our dearest friend in on ourselves. Image offering your whole self that unconditional love and pure joy when you see yourself in the mirror.

You may put this on and focus on loving all of your parts, without judgement but with joy. We have been hard on ourselves for years but what if we tried loving ourselves they way we love others I wonder what could shift.

All these stones, heart and wood supports love so it could be that talisman of that in your life.
Crescent Moon Mala
Crescent Moon Mala