Angie and Jade are exceptional masters at creating glass beads and one of a kind wearable art. Produced in their home studios since 2001, these creations are the perfect unique gift for any occasion.

All beads are handmade using a torch, fueled by propane and oxygen. The process is called lampworking. Once the bead is finished it is held in a kiln at extreme temperatures and annealed for strength and durability. Our jewelry is put together using sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Customers are invited to our studios to watch the creation of beads being made, and to choose from the amazing selection of wearable art… We welcome custom orders, but ask that when choosing a piece you feel emotionally attached to it… We feel that it is important for people to feel connected to pieces that they purchase, and also connected to the artist… but… We must warn… it’s totally addicting!