Blue Green and Pearls

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I love the motion and colors in this heart so much. This heart spoke to me very loudly and I will tell you that whoever does claim it, it was made very specifically for you. I changed the silk 9 knots in, the layout twice, and added lapis when that wasn't the plan. I told Jade that it bossed me around to make it just right for the person who needed it. I am normally guided but this one bossed me.

These elements all speak to and are used for authentic communication. Peridot is incredible for communicating from your heart and it's placed over your heart (Anahata or heart charka) when you wear it. Lapis for knowing and pearls for sincerity combine with the peridot as a perfect formula to communicate with others, and most importantly with yourself, the truth in you.

The love in you that needs to come through you, from you. You may say, as you put this on, something like "I communicate through my actions and words today the truth of how deeply I love".